BOOM: The 1950s in Montgomery County


“The Decree Had Been Handed Down”: The Experience of Public School Desegregation in Montgomery County


Opened October 17, 2017
Curated by Sarah Hedlund

Tap Into History: A Century of Typewriters Pop-Up Exhibit


Opened May 16, 2015
Curated by Elizabeth Lay

In the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine


Opened June 12, 2015
Curated by Elizabeth Lay

Dr. Stonestreet has something for whatever ails you. The current interpretation features Dr. Stonestreet as a country doctor traveling to make house calls. What will he pack for his patient? Will it be his obstetrics case with everything needed to deliver a baby? Will it be bones and plaster to reset a broken arm, or stitch up lacerations? Will he be performing surgery and need ether and surgical instruments? Come see what’s inside his medical bag. And, while you are visiting, peer into the pharmaceutical cabinet for a collection of 19th century tonics that promised to cure everything from feminine ills, to re-grow hair for men.