Wanted: History Day Judges!


Are you interested in helping students meet the challenges of historical research and experience the satisfaction of academic accomplishment? If you want to be part of this growing educational program that reaches over 500 Montgomery County students, we invite you to volunteer as a Montgomery County History Day judge on March 12, 2016 at Richard Montgomery High School.


What is History Day?
History Day is a national competition in which middle and high school students develop research projects in local, United States, and world history around the theme “Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.” These projects can be in the form of a paper, website, documentary, performance, or exhibit.


Who can serve as a judge?
Anyone who wants to support students in this exciting learning experience may judge. Judges include humanities scholars, teachers, librarians, museum professionals, and others with general backgrounds who are interested in reviewing student research projects.


What’s involved?
History Day relies on consensus judging. That means that instead of giving entries numeric scores, you will be ranking them. You will be assigned to a team of 3 judges, one of whom will be designated as the captain. It is important that everyone on your team agrees on the overall rankings of the entries you judge. In-depth instruction will be given the morning of judging,


To sign up to be a History Day judge or for more information, please contact
Amy Baker
Program Manager
Montgomery County Historical Society

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