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Montgomery History is pleased to offer the services of our Speakers Bureau for your organization’s meeting.  This service is for business and professional groups, neighborhood associations, senior centers and residences, clubs, schools, religious institutions, civic groups, historical societies and museums, and other organized groups throughout Montgomery County and the greater Washington D.C. metro area. 


Presentations are offered in the forms of lectures, slide shows (traditional and PowerPoint), music, portrayals and re-enactments in local history, and in the national history that is part of our local story.


The speakers and re-enactors are community historians and professionals trained in local history and public speaking; many have written books and articles on their chosen subjects.  As part of the presentation, book signings and sales can be arranged, as can follow-up tours and visits to the sites discussed.  Presentations can range from 30 to 60 minutes in length, and generally can be adapted to an organization’s specific needs. 


All of our speakers are volunteers. Montgomery History requests that a contribution of $50 per presentation be made to Montgomery History to help support the Speakers Bureau’s work.


Speakers Bureau Topics


Speaker Bios: Get to know our speakers by reading more about their backgrounds.


To schedule a speaker: Please contact Clarence Hickey, Speakers Bureau Coordinator, at (301) 340-2825.

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