2020 Annual Fund

Be A Champion for Local History!


When you support history, you shape the future.

The Montgomery History 2020 Annual Fund campaign is underway, and we are counting on your support! As a friend of Montgomery History, you know that history matters. Learning about the past helps people envision a better future. It encourages creative thinking, allows differing perspectives to be heard, enriches lives, and brings people together through shared stories. By donating, you are becoming part of the team dedicated to making local history relevant, accessible, inclusive, and engaging.

Show your love of local history and help us reach our goal of $25,000 by donating to the 2020 Annual Fund today!

When you show your support for Montgomery History, you are making a strong statement about what you value.
This year you, our community, have shown incredible commitment to local history in the face of difficulty. You have proven that our shared past is a uniting force during times of strife. 

Your donation to the 2020 Annual Fund provides the necessary means to bring the value of local history to Montgomery County and beyond.
It enables residents like you—your friends, your family, your neighbors—to engage with history in ways that provoke critical thinking, expand world views, and encourage us to work together to envision and create a better future.

Your donation makes local history relevant, accessible, inclusive, and engaging. It enables your neighbors and fellow residents to access the Jane Sween Library (the county’s most comprehensive historical library), participate in the History Day competition for middle and high schoolers, attend the annual History Conference, enjoy weekly streaming History Conversations, delve into online exhibits, view one-of-a-kind digitized records online, explore the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine, and so much more!

When you donate, you are empowering your friends, family, neighbors, and yourself with greater knowledge about this place we call home.

he power is in your hands! We need to work together to ensure all stories are preserved and shared. You can make that happen. Please participate in the 2020 Annual Fund campaign and be a champion for local history!


View just some of the work your support has already made possible this year!