Online Exhibit

History Between the Pages: The Family Bible in Genealogy Research

Opened November 5, 2018

Curated by Claire McDonald 



Online Exhibit

The Suburbanization of Montgomery County, 1950-1960

Opened April 27, 2018

Curated by the Mary Kay Harper Center for Suburban Studies



Online Exhibit


“The Decree Had Been Handed Down”: The Experience of Public School Desegregation in Montgomery County


Opened October 17, 2017
Curated by Sarah Hedlund



Online Exhibit

The Effects of Brown vs. The Board of Education in Montgomery County

A past exhibit displayed at the Beall-Dawson Museum between Aug. 17, 2004 and Mar. 6, 2005.

Curated by Joanna Church









Tap Into History: A Century of Typewriters Pop-Up Exhibit


Opened May 16, 2015
Curated by Elizabeth Lay

In the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine


Opened June 12, 2015
Curated by Elizabeth Lay