About Us


MH Founder Lilly Stone, with the flag she designed for Montgomery County, at the first meeting of the Montgomery County Historical Society in 1944.

Recognizing the vital role of history as the cultural and social fabric of a community, Montgomery History seeks to reflect the growth, diversity and vibrancy of Montgomery County. Montgomery County has experienced significant growth over the past several decades, and Montgomery History has grown as well, from an all-volunteer organization with a small membership to a professionally-staffed non-profit with over 1,000 members and over 100 volunteers.


A few facts about Montgomery History:


  • Our organization was founded in 1944 by Lilly Stone.


  • In 1965 the City of Rockville purchased the Beall-Dawson House (circa 1815) in Rockville and entered a partnership with MCHS to cooperatively open the house for tours. Montgomery History established the museum, library, and administrative complex that exists today.


  • In 1972, Dr. Edward E. Stonestreet’s one-room, free-standing medical office (built c.1855) was donated to Montgomery History and moved to the Beall-Dawson grounds. Today the building is known as the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine. Longtime volunteer and historical interpreter Clarence “Corky” Hickey portrays Dr. Stonestreet for visits, events and presentations.




  • MH’s first librarian Jane Sween, pictured in 1989.

    Montgomery History’s growing collection of research materials necessitated hiring a librarian in the 1970s as well as converting a garage on the property to serve as a reading room. Renovated in 1993, and renamed in honor of first librarian Jane C. Sween in 2001, the Sween Research Library and Special Collections offers reference and archival resources for local historians, researchers, scholars, and genealogists.