History Conversations
Enjoy our History Conversations, a program featuring weekly virtual lectures from our talented corps of speakers covering a wide variety of local history topics. Each lecture is live-streamed via Zoom and Facebook and then posted here for a week (below).

Upcoming Lectures:


“In Search of Ghosts: Montgomery County, Maryland”
with Karen Yaffe Lottes
Tuesday, October 19 @ 2:00 p.m.

This story-telling lecture explores haunted places of Montgomery County and its surrounding area through ghostly tales. Learn about the many ghosts, apparitions, and supernatural occurrences that can’t be explained logically, including: The Headless Horseman that continues to terrorize visitors to the old railroad bridge; the poltergeist that haunts the Madison House; the Tommyknocker at the Maryland Mine; and the farmer who keeps searching for his buried treasure. Take this haunted journey back in time!

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“Uncovering Sugarland’s Past: The Archaeology & Ethno-History of the Basil & Nancy Dorsey Site”
with Suzanne Johnson and Tara Tetrault
Tuesday, October 26 @ 2:00 p.m.

Archaeological testing of the Basil & Nancy Dorsey log house revealed a family who was strongly committed to building a life in Sugarland, Maryland. The Maryland Humanities Council grant helped fund archaeological survey and testing of the Dorsey house and yard, as well as a report, two virtual exhibits and an archaeology teaching module. Join Suzanne Johnson and Tara Tetrault as they discuss some of the findings at this historic site.

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Recent Lectures:

“Fort Frederick: Three Centuries of History”
with Ranger Robert Ambrose 
Tuesday, October 12 @ 2:00 p.m.


“Montgomery County Schools’ Coming of Age: Bethesda as the Textbook Example”
with Ralph Buglass


History Conferences

Our annual history conference has brought together historians, students, teachers, residents, and lifelong learners since 2007. With such a wide breadth of topics covered, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests. We’ll be rotating out different videos to feature, but you can also find links to all the past videos on our History Conference page.


Featured Video:
“By Hands of Parties Unknown: Remembrance and Reconciliation of Three Lynchings in Montgomery County” 
Speaker: Anthony Cohen


Paths to the Present
Paths to the Present: Montgomery County Stories, a cable television show created by County Cable Montgomery and Montgomery History from 2000-2014, explores the often overlooked history found right in our own backyards. Produced by Emmy-winner Barbara Grunbaum and hosted by Gail Street, Paths to the Present covers a wide variety of topics highlighting this county’s past. You can watch all 86 of the episodes here.