Montgomery Connections


Montgomery Connections was a two-year multi-lingual project conceived and promoted 2009-2011, designed to bring local history to the Montgomery County community. A key part of the mission of Montgomery History is to educate county residents about our history. That education doesn’t have to take place in our facilities, but can reach a wider audience if it is out in the community on buses, in malls, community centers and libraries. Montgomery Connections is visionary in its scope, and helps us take our mission out of our buildings and into the county in a creative way.

Montgomery Connections engages a wide audience of County residents, visitors, and commuters in an introduction to local history and its connection with their lives today. Combining striking historical images on banners and advertisements with cell phone downloads and website materials, the project is produced in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Thematic topics in county history include slavery, abolition and segregation; agriculture and industry; transportation; immigration; and suburbanization.


Montgomery History is grateful to the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Maryland Historical Trust for providing grants to make this project a reality.