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Communities and Municipalities


Diary Collections


Ledger Collections


MacMasters, Richard K., Personal Papers


Montgomery County Manuscripts Collection




O’Reilly, Thomas, Personal Papers

Architectural designs, sketches, and notes from O’Reilly’s projects.


Original Legal Papers Collection


Rebeck Collection 20th Century Survey

MCHS Library holdings include a loose-leaf book focusing on the history of Montgomery County in the period 1900 to 1941. Written in 1987, the book is entitled “Montgomery County in the Early Twentieth Century,” and subtitled “A Study of Historical and Architectural Themes.” The study was conducted — and written — by Andrea Rebeck for the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission and the Maryland Historical Trust.


School Yearbooks


Women’s Clubs

This is a brief list of records pertaining to women’s clubs in the Special Collections of the Montgomery County Historical Society Library. Other materials in the MCHS collections, including museum collections, vertical files, and the extensive photograph collections were not reviewed for this list.