In light of the ongoing public health crisis, Montgomery History has indefinitely suspended all in-person programming. To ensure that you are able to stay virtually connected with your community while learning about local history, we are offering History Conversations online, beginning March 31. To make these as broadly accessible as possible, streams will take place multiple times a week and recorded sessions will be available one week at a time on our website. If you have questions about joining us for online programming, please contact Matt Gagle, Outreach & Volunteer Manager. 

Please join us for the inaugural talk (and many more to come) detailed below. See you there!



Tuesday Talks 



When: The First Tuesday of the Month

Time: 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Where: The Beall-Dawson House, 103 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD 20850 

Our lunchtime lecture series, Tuesday Talks, takes place at noon on the first Tuesday of every month. Bring your lunch and enjoy presentations covering various aspects of history including local history of Montgomery County and the history of those who once lived here. 

The programs begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. with seating ready just before noon. The lectures are free and everyone is welcome to attend.


Upcoming Lectures: 


Tuesday, March 31 @ 3:00 p.m. & Friday, April 3 @ 10:00 a.m.

Speaker: Ralph Buglass

“Off the Beaten Path in Montgomery County”

Even though we are currently confined to our homes, with this talk you’ll be able to explore areas all around the county! This illustrated presentation explores the “Top 10”  lesser-known spots in Montgomery County with historical importance, amazing natural beauty, or superlative in some other way. Learn about some famous residents’ homes and houses designed by famous architects, spots with connections to events of national significance, oases of natural beauty, museums every bit as good as those on the Mall, still-standing relics of our past, and more. 

Join the March 31 Zoom meeting here. 

Join the April 3 Zoom meeting here.




Past Lectures: 



March 2 Claire McDonald

“The Path to Leadership: Montgomery County Women, Women’s Clubs, and Suffrage”

View Part 1 of the accompanying online exhibit. Part 2 will be released later in spring 2020. 


February 18 (Extra Event) Sarah Hedlund

“Scotland Rediscovered: Behind the Scenes of the Scotland Photo Gallery Online Exhibit”


February 11 (Extra Event) Kenny Sholes 

“A Brief Survey of Our Inheritance: Historic Ag Reserve Properties”


February 4 Mark Thorne

“Woodlawn Manor of Sandy Spring: An Intersection of Quakers, Enslaved, and Freedom Seekers”


January 7 Jeanne Gartner

“The History of Reed Brothers Dodge, 1915-2012”

Check out our online exhibit in partnership with Jeanne Gartner, “Montgomery County, 1900-1930: Through the Lens Of Lewis Reed,” here.



December 10 (Extra Event) Scott Einberger

“Suburban Dams, Woods, and Water: The Story of Montgomery County, MD’s Rock Creek Park & Rock Creek Regional Park”


December 3 Clarence Hickey 

“Reflections of a Vietnam Era Veteran” 


November 5 Bob Bachman

“The Housing Boom in 1950s Montgomery County” 


October 1 Jim Johnston

“Misplacing History: Rowser’s Ford”


September 10 Ralph Buglass

“Off-the-Beaten-Path in Montgomery County”


August 6 Paige Whitley 

“River Road, Bethesda: A Short History of Black and White, 1850-1963”


June 4 Elizabeth Lay, Montgomery History Curator

A Peek into the NEW 75th Anniversary Exhibit, “75 Objects + 75 Stories”


May 7 Susan Cooke Soderberg

“Treason! — How Local Leaders Helped Launch the American Revolution”


April 2 Teresa B. Lachin

“Dr. Webster Sewell and the Struggle for Equal Care”


March 5 Judith Welles

“Grit and Gusto: Farmerettes and Suffragettes on the Homefront in WWI”


February 5 Elizabeth Lay, Montgomery History Curator

Exhibit Behind-The-Scenes forMigrate with Us: Through the Journeys of Those Living in Montgomery County”

A Rockville High School Exhibit in Collaboration with Montgomery History


January 2 David Craig

“Maryland in WWI”



December 4 Claire McDonald

“History Between the Pages”


November 6 Bill Offutt

“Election Reflection”