Religious Places, People, and Events in Montgomery County


Welcome to Chestnut Lodge . . . The Story of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
Speaker: Karen Webber Gilat
Maverick psychotherapist Frieda Fromm-Reichmann is brought to life with a first person portrayal. A pioneer of the therapeutic relationship, she took the road ‘less traveled’ from Nazi Germany to Rockville MD. She came directly to Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium and served as its chief psychiatrist until her death in 1957. During her career, she saw patients from all walks of life in hospitals and private practice, but is best remembered for her pioneering work with schizophrenics. The most famous of these, Joanne Greenberg, penned her memoir ‘I Never Promised You a Rose Garden’ of her time with Frieda at the Lodge. A contemporary of Freud and briefly married to Erich Fromm, this charming, feisty, fiercely private Jewish woman took on the ‘Establishment’ at every turn. A question and answer will follow the program.


Father Divine of Montgomery County: Early 20th Century Advocate for Peace and Equality
Speaker: Judy Christensen


The Road to Damascus: Churches and Houses of Worship along New Hampshire Avenue
Speaker: Patricia Andersen
New Hampshire Avenue is home to more than thirty congregations representing nearly all major world religions. Sometimes called the “Highway to Heaven,” this ten-mile stretch of road between the Capital Beltway and Sandy Spring Road boasts an impressive array of religious communities and architectural styles, including the copper-domed