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Oral Histories

Montgomery History has initiated multiple oral history projects since the late 1960s, amassing a sizable collection of interviews that encapsulate our county’s history through first-person accounts. Interview subjects include politicians, community organizers, social activists, local artists, educators, and lifelong residents. Learn what it was like to live in Montgomery County through many historical periods, from people who were actually there.

Digitization of these recordings was made possible in part by the Save Our Voices campaign, organized by Montgomery History for its Spring Appeal in 2023.



Jane C. Sween Research Library and Special Collections

Discover oral history interviews conducted by the Montgomery County Historical Society from the late 1960s to the present day.

Each collection record summarizes the interview topics and provides biographical information about the subject.
Most also contain links to download full transcriptions as PDF files.
The audio files for most interviews are available in digital form, on request (MP3 files).

Oral History Collection at Sween →


Select interviews are available with both transcriptions and audio files in our Digital Repository online.

Oral Histories in Digital Repository →

Montgomery County Archives

Explore the rich collection of oral history interviews available from the Montgomery County Archives, including many interviews discussing county politics, development, and civic engagement conducted by members of the League of Women Voters in the early 1970s.

Transcriptions (PDF files) of most interviews are available on the Oral History Collection page linked below. Audio files are available upon request (as MP3s).

Oral History Collection at the Archives →