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Gifts of Stock

Montgomery History welcomes gifts of stock, which can be directly transferred using this two-step procedure:

1. Transfer the gift directly to our investment account at Vanguard.

DTC Firm Number:      0062
Account Name:           Montgomery County Historical Society Inc.
Account Number:        82405921

2.  Notify Montgomery History of your gift by contacting us at or 301.340.2825. Please include the name and number of shares of the stock donated, and your full name and address, including a phone number in case our broker needs additional information.

Step 2 is very important because it will allow us to record and to thank you for your gift. We will not know who you are if you or your broker does not notify us.

If stock that you have held for more than a year has increased, you will maximize your tax benefits by donating it. You can deduct (to the extent provided by law) the mean value of the stock on the day Montgomery History receives it into our account.

For more information, please contact our development director.

Thank you for your support of local history.