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Pop-Up Exhibits

Did you know… Montgomery History has Traveling Pop-Up Exhibits? Are you holding a public event? Do you have a love for history and preserving the past? Our pop-up exhibit could be at your event! Contact our Director of Programs Matt Gagle if you are interested in this unique opportunity.


Current Pop-Up Theme

Tap Into History: A Century of Typewriters

This hands-on exhibit encourages visitors to type out personal messages on our 19th and 20th century typewriters. The sound of the clacking keys and carriage return provides a nostalgic reminder for adults who remember painstakingly hunting and pecking out school assignments and correspondence. And the unfamiliar machine is an intriguing object for our digitally-adept children who search the keyboard in vain for the “print” key!

To bring one of Montgomery History’s pop-up exhibits to your next event, contact Director of Programs Matt Gagle.

Opened May 16, 2015
Curated by Elizabeth Lay