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Museum Collection Donations

One of the goals of Montgomery History is to preserve the material history of the County. Thus, we collect objects owned or used by County families, which shed light on the way they lived. The artifact collections at Montgomery History consist of clothing, furniture, tools, recreational items, household utensils, and other items related to the daily life of County residents, past and present.

Object Donation Documents

Object Donation Questionnaire →

Donation Guidelines

We only accept items with a known Montgomery County provenance or history. Due to storage issues, we are sometimes unable to accept large, heavy items, such as furniture. Decisions are made by a committee consisting of staff, volunteers, and Board members.

Overall, considerations for acceptance into the permanent collection are: Montgomery County provenance, uniqueness of item to the collection, uniqueness of item in general, condition, conservation and preservation requirements, and size.

Collection categories:

  • Medical history, including 19th century, early 20th century, and veterinary.
  • Social history: textiles, kitchen and housewares, tools, weapons, agriculture, recreation, and miscellaneous.
  • Decorative arts: furniture, glass, and ceramics.


Legal Information for All Donations

Donations to Montgomery History are tax deductible. Montgomery History cannot provide appraisals of materials under any circumstances. Restricted donations cannot be accepted, nor does Montgomery History allow indefinite or “permanent” loans. Donations are made with the understanding that all rights and titles transfer to Montgomery History.


Additional Information

If you are interested in donating an object to Montgomery History’s museum collection, please read the above guidelines carefully and contact Collections Manager Sammie Hatton with a completed Object Donation Questionnaire.