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Montgomery History actively collects and holds research and archival materials relating to: the history of Montgomery County, Maryland; its residents past and present; and the businesses, organizations, and institutions that have made an impact on its residents. These collections are extremely varied in format, including but not limited to: books, manuscripts, maps, audiovisual and digital materials, document collections, periodicals, and photographs. 

Donation Guidelines

  • Material will be considered for accession based on Montgomery County provenance, condition of material, accessibility to patrons, size, uniqueness of the materials to the collections, and local/ regional/ state provenance.
  • Material will not be considered for accession if it has suffered damage from untreated mold, chemicals, or pests; or if it has suffered other damage requiring heroic preservation methods beyond the scope of Montgomery History’s ability and/or conservation budget.
  • Material that duplicates existing collection material will not be considered except in circumstances of rarity or heavy use, where extra copies may be retained for eventual replacement of existing material.

Legal Information for All Donations

Donations to Montgomery History are tax deductible. Montgomery History cannot provide appraisals of materials under any circumstances. Restricted donations cannot be accepted, nor does Montgomery History allow indefinite or “permanent” loans. Donations are made with the understanding that all rights and titles transfer to Montgomery History.

Additional Information

If you have one or more items you would like to donate to the Library and Special Collections, please contact Archivist/Librarian Sarah Hedlund to discuss how the material might fit within the scope of our collection. If your donation meets the guidelines outlined above, you will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift transferring ownership of the material.