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Oral History Interviews

at Montgomery County Archives

The Archives holds the oral histories of the following Montgomery County residents.
Links contain either a full transcription or summary/outline of each interview, as indicated. 

Abbe, Leslie Morgan (1898-1992)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Rockville Planning Commission, Negro Schools, Board of Education, PTA 

Bain, Henry (n.d.)
Talk given in 1969. Transcript
Topics: MoCo politics, political history of the county

Bennett, James V. (on Marie Bennett)
Interviewed 1975. Transcript
Topics: Chevy Chase Women’s Club/PTA, MoCo Women’s Club Forum, League of Women Voters

Bloomer, Esther (1893-1981)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: PTA, Segregated schools, League of Women Voters, Maryland Council on Education, Montgomery County Junior College Advisory Council, and YWCA

Bullard, Dexter M. (1898-1981)
Interviewed 1975. Transcript
Topics: Medical Director–Chestnut Lodge, Montgomery County Medical Society, Juvenile Court 

Coffman, John W. (1909-1985)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Owner/editor of Takoma Journal, Takoma Park Mayor’s Advisory Committee

Curtis, Frances Vinson (1915-1998)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Scotland community, AME Zion Church

Dalrymple, Gertrude Bradley (1900-1984)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: writer for Bethesda Journal, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Record, Charter movement

Donaldson, Mary Macabee (b. 1907) 
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: American Red Cross, Medical Care Commission, Press Association, Planned Parenthood League, Suburban Hospital Association

Eig, Sam (1898-1982)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Charter Movement, land development, Silver Spring, Jewish community

Engle, Lavinia (1892-1979),
Interviewed 1971. Transcript Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Topics: National American Woman’s Suffrage Association, League of Women Voters, County Commission

Farquhar, Roger B.(1916-2005)
Interviewed 1979. Summary
Topics: Journalism, Scotland community, real estate, zoning, Montgomery County Sentinel

Gardner, Allen H. (1899-1989)
Interviewed 1973. Transcript
Topics: County Council, Charter movement, Brookings Institution report, Montgomery County Civic Federation

Gilchrist, Charles W. (1936-1999)
Interviewed 1986-1987. Transcript
Topics: County Executive, Maryland State Senator, Metro/Ride-On Bus, Liquor Control Board, cable television, Montgomery County Detention Center

Gleason, James P. (1921-2008)
Interviewed 1987. Transcript
Topics: County Council, County Executive, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, Metro System/WMATA, Fire and Rescue Services

Greene, Alexander J. (1923-2010)
Interviewed 1988. Summary (Interview not fully transcribed)
Topics: Rockville City Council, Mayor of Rockville, Rockville Planning Commission, Rockville Civic Association, Intergovernmental relations, Public housing

Gustafson, Forest V. D. (1911-2000)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Director of Recreation, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Himstead, Dorothy(1895-1988)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Montgomery County Council, Charter movement, League of Women Voters, Montgomery County Civic Federation

Hostetler, Alice (1901-1976)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Montgomery County Welfare Board, League of Women Voters, Charter movement, Montgomery County Civic Federation

Hovsepian, Dickran (1914-2003)
Interviewed 1988. Summary (Interview not fully transcribed)
Topics: Mayor of Rockville, County Councilmember, Twinbrook Citizens Association

Jarvis, Edith Claude (1902-1988)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Chevy Chase schools and life, D.C. public schoolteacher, Chevy Chase Village Board, Montgomery County Historical Society president

Jewell, Edgar Guy (1901-1984)
Interviewed 1973. Transcript
Topics: Montgomery County Public Schools principal and administrator, rural life

Jones, Margaret Taylor (1907-1977)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Segregated schools, Scotland community, principal of Bannockburn Elementary, Montgomery County Teachers Association

Mohler, Mary B. (1903-1986)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Montgomery County schools, Bethesda/Chevy Chase, Bethesda Public Library, Montgomery County Civic Federation

Moreland, George B. (1901-1982)
Interviewed 1974. Transcript
Topics: Department of Public Libraries director, Library Board, Library law

Ofsthun, Neil A. (b. 1930)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Rockville Parks and Recreation (director), 

Potter, Neal (1915-2008)
Interviewed 1997-1998. Transcript
Topics: County Councilmember, County Executive, Cabin John rural life, Montgomery County Planning

Rovner, Edmund F. (1930-1992)
Interviewed 1986. Summary (Interview not fully transcribed)
Topics: Special Assistant to County Executive, Montgomery College, politics

Sandifer, Irene R. (1902-1977)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: League of Women Voters (president), Board of Education, Charter movement, school integration

Siegel, Joyce B. (n.d.)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: League of Women Voters, Scotland community and urban renewal, Housing Authority, Community Action Committee

Sims, Lewis B. (1909-2014)
Interviewed 1972. Transcript
Topics: Charter movement/Charter Revision Commission, politics, planning, County Council, MCCF

Smith, Lathrop (1902-1971)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: County Councilmember, Board of Education, Charter movement, rural planning, planning

Walker, Helen Claxton (1896-1980)
Interviewed 1971. Transcript
Topics: Board of Education (president), Chevy Chase schools, PTA, Montgomery Junior College, Chevy Chase Club

Werner, Stella (1901-1981)
Interviewed 65 times between 1971-1975. Outline of Interviews (Transcription under review)
Topics: County Councilmember/president, Bethesda-Chevy Chase community, Bethesda Public Library, radio host, Montgomery County Charter Commission (executive director)