Royce Hanson presents on the County Agricultural Reserve at the 2020 History Conference. 

Montgomery History has been serving the local community through its exhibitions, programs, educational activities, research library, and conferences since its founding in 1944. 



Montgomery History envisions an active intellectual life rooted in an understanding and appreciation of our individual and collective histories. Its mission is to collect, preserve, interpret, and share the histories of all of Montgomery County’s residents.







Researchers in the Jane Sween Library reading room

We are located in Rockville, on a historical campus that includes the c.1815 Beall-Dawson House and the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine.  We curate a 9,500-piece collection of historic artifacts, operate the Jane C. Sween Research Library and Special Collections as well as Montgomery County’s local government archives, bring scholarly and public attention to 20th century history through the Mary Kay Harper Center for Suburban Studies, host an annual History Conference, stream weekly talks through our History Conversations program, support online research through the Montgomery County History Digital Repository, and provide numerous educational and community exhibitions and events every year.