African American History: Online Exhibits



Scotland Photo Gallery, 1966-1970  This photo gallery is comprised of images from the community of Scotland in the late 1960s, at that time an all-African-American community of people that underwent a years-long process of reclaiming their land and rebuilding their infrastructure. The images were digitized from a collection of negatives within a donation of records kept by Joyce Siegel, who had worked with the Scotland community during this time period. Joyce’s husband Alan was an avid amateur photographer, and took hundreds of photos of the events happening in Scotland between 1966 and 1970, focusing on the community members and their neighborhood.


Opened October 15, 2019
Curated by Sarah Hedlund




“The Decree Had Been Handed Down” The Experience of Public School Desegregation in Montgomery County
To tell the story of the desegregation ruling, and the subsequent efforts to integrate the public schools in Montgomery County, we turn to six women who lived that experience directly. Using sound clips from their oral history interviews, along with photographs, and other historical documentation from Montgomery History’s archives and special collections, this exhibit relates the experience of the desegregation process in Montgomery County–before, during, and after–in their words


Originally opened October 17, 2017; expanded April, 2020.
Curated by Sarah Hedlund






The Effects of Brown vs. The Board of Education in Montgomery County

A past exhibit displayed at the Beall-Dawson Museum between Aug. 17, 2004 and Mar. 6, 2005.

Content created by Joanna Church, April 2004; Revised and published July, 2018.