The Effects of Brown vs. The Board of Education in Montgomery County


Preserving School History


Only a few of the old Rosenwald schools, and even fewer of the smaller one-room buildings, from the days of segregation are still standing.  The four consolidated elementary schools still exist, in use by the school system as special education centers, offices and storage.  The old Rockville Colored High School is long gone.  Lincoln, which has weathered various demolition threats, is occupied by a church; it has been a Rockville Historic District since 1990.  Carver, which has been used as the Board of Education office since 1961, was recently part of a controversial plan to tear down and construct a new, more efficient building (since, after all, Carver was designed as a high school, not offices).  Many strong voices opposed such a plan, and Carver is still standing; it was given Rockville Historic District status in 2002.  The name of George Washington Carver, which had been removed in 1961 with the conversion, was eventually restored to the building after historians, alumni and the local NAACP protested.



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