A Rockville High School Exhibit in Collaboration with Montgomery History

Migrate with Us: Through the Journeys of Those Living in Montgomery County, told the stories of how families of students came to Montgomery County from every corner of the world and across the United States. In this multimedia, interactive exhibition, the students shared their personal stories, illustrated with family photos and inspirational interviews. In so doing they offered a powerful window into the immigrant experience as well as a peek into what draws people from all over the world to Montgomery County.

The project was the inspiration of teacher Krista McKim, who was searching for an authentic learning experience for her students. One of the most compelling phrases heard from the students during planning was, “We are excited to be telling our stories in our own words, rather than others telling our story for us.”

Consulting with the students during several sessions was Montgomery History’s curator, Elizabeth Lay who was extremely impressed with the quality of work and the depth of information: “Not only have these students narrated their own stories with skill, they have also researched museum exhibitions down to graphic design and fonts for wall boards.” Each class developed a unique experience in one of the three Beall Dawson House galleries; the result of which was a very vibrate exhibition.

To explore the exhibit further, and see the design process, please visit this site made by the students of Rockville High School.