Genealogy Topics






Should you take a DNA test to discover your ethnic origin?

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

DNA testing is the new rage. This talk provides an overview of the kind of tests available, where you can get them and what you should know before signing up.






Genealogy: What’s It All About

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in the U.S. today. This 30 to 45 minute talk without slides explains why so many people are searching their family histories and provides a brief description of how to get started.






How to Get Started in Researching Your Family

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

This talk is a two hour lecture that can be delivered in two parts if desired. The talk discusses the genealogical research process: how to record and evaluate information, cite sources used, maintain a research calendar and develop a research plan and then how to get started with family research and where to research.






Beginning Census Research: An Introduction to the U.S. Census Records

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

The U.S. Census was taken every ten years, starting in 1790. Discover what information is available in the U.S. Census, how to access census data and utilize that data in furthering family history research.






Genealogy on the Internet

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

Resources on the Internet can greatly enhance the efforts of those researching their family histories. Learn about popular free internet sites, how to find other valuable sites and how to evaluate the information found.







Planning a Genealogical Research Trip

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

Traveling to one’s family home for research is expensive and time consuming. Learn what research to do before you travel, what to take with you, and about resources at your destination.


 – A free genealogy web site

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has assembled a wealth of information that is invaluable to everyone researching their families and made it available at their free genealogy website Learn what is available and how to use the web site.





Researching Your Family Records at the LDS Family History Center

Speaker: Lorraine Minor

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a number of genealogy related programs and access to subscription web sites at their Family History Centers. Learn about the resources available at the Family History Center in Kensington.



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History Between the Pages: The Family Bible in Genealogy Research

Speaker: Claire McDonald, MLIS

For many families, the old family Bible is a valued treasure that not only reflects the spiritual lives of their ancestors but shares their stories as well. In this PowerPoint-based presentation, local librarian/archivist Claire McDonald explores the history of the family Bible in America and offers tips and tools for using family Bibles to gain information and insights into your family history. Participants are invited to bring their own family Bibles to add to the richness of the conversation.