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Montgomery County Story

Issues from 1957-2011 on topics related to the Suburbanization of Montgomery County, MD

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7-1      November 1963: “Knowles Station and the Town of Kensington, 1870-1963,” by Wilson L. Townsend. Early families; municipal government; roads; Kensington Railway; street map; churches and Adas Israel synagogue.

7-2      February 1964: Knowles Station and the Town of Kensington, Part II,” by Wilson L. Townsend. Noyes Library; Crosby Noyes; public schools; Montgomery Press; post office; Kensington V.F.D.; financial institutions; town hall; social activities; women’s clubs; Masonic Lodge; musical organizations; drama club.

8-4    August 1965: Seventy-Five Years of Rockville, Maryland,” as remembered by William F. Prettyman. B&O Railroad Station; William Wallace Welch’s store; fire-fighting in Rockville; businesses and residents of Rockville; WINX Broadcasting; Reed Brothers; St. Mary’s Church; Charles W. Baggarly; Mordecai Morgan tailor shop; Rev. S. R. White, Pastor of Rockville Baptist Church; Corcoran Hotel; William Reuben Pumphrey Funeral Home; Masonic Hall; Lyddane Building; law offices; C.G. Murphy Store; Town Hall; Montgomery Advocate; Dr. Owens drug store; Vinson Drug store; Beall-Dawson House; Mrs. Edwin Davis; West End Park.

9-1        November 1965: “Seventy-Five Years of Rockville, Maryland, Part II,” as remembered by William F. Prettyman. Map of Rockville; Rockville before urban renewal; many family names.

10-1         November 1966: Communities along the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,” by Everett B. Wilson, and “Local History,” by Martha Sprigg Poole. Takoma Park; Silver Spring; Forest Glen; Kensington; Garrett Park; Montrose; Rockville; Derwood; Washington Grove; Gaithersburg; Germantown; Boyds; Buck Lodge; Barnesville; Dickerson ; bibliography of local history.

12-I       November 1968: “The Silver Spring Area, Part I,” by Mildred Newbold Getty. Churches; Francis Preston Blair; Jubal Early; Gen. Frank Wheaton; St. John’s Roman Catholic; Civil War.

12-2      February 1969: The Silver Spring Area, Part II,” by Mildred Getty. Linden; Woodside; Forest Glen; Schools; National Park Seminary; women’s clubs; social activities.

13-1    November 1969: “Old Chevy Chase Village,” by Edith Claude Jarvis. Early residents; origin of name; Chevy Chase Lake and Land Company.

13-2    February 1970: National Park Seminary,” by Mildred Getty. Cassedy, founders; Smith College affiliation; dress code, code of conduct; sororities; curriculum; social activities; tuition.

13-3    May 1970: Montgomery County Courthouses,” by Mary Gordon Malloy and Martha Sprigg Poole. Early officials; early court cases and punishments; description of buildings and furniture.

14-4     August 1971: The Montgomery County Federation of Women’s Clubs,” by Lee Crippen. Social

Service goals; WWII efforts; list of clubs and presidents.

16-2     May 1973: “Montgomery County’s Big Ditch and the Iron Monster,” by Mrs. Neal Fitzsimons. C&O Canal; B&O Railroad; Charles Carroll; Patowmack Canal Company; Irish Canal workers; C&O National History Park.

16-3     August 1973: Memories of Garrett Park,” by Mrs. Jason F. Defandorf (l 863-1961). Metropolitan line of the B&O railroad; tramps; Garrett family; Strathmore Rd.; Rockville Pike; Connecticut Ave; Irene Temple Bailey; Herman Hollerith, inventor; Jennie Cooper Wilson and other musicians; Episcopalian church services and Catholic Sunday School; Flack farm; White Flint Golf Course; Rock Creek; Civic Study Club; women’s suffrage; one room, then two-room school house; house calls by Dr. Lewis; Harry Hoskinson’s store; farms shipped milk to D.C.; hurricane destroyed windmills in 1895.

17-2        May 1974: “History of the Street Car Lines of Montgomery County,” by William J. Ellenberger. Tenallytown and Rockville Railroad; Alta Vista; Bethesda Park; Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium; Washington and Great Falls Electric Railway; Glen Echo; Cabin John; Washington and Great Falls Railway and Power Company; Rock Creek Railway Company; Glen Echo Railway; Kensington Railway; Brightwood Railway; Trolley Museum.

17-3        August 1974: The Audubon Naturalist Society and Its Home, Woodend,” by Mrs. Neal Fitzsimons. John James Audubon, Birds of America; Federal wildlife refuge opened by Theodore Roosevelt; environmental laws to protect birds passed in 1901; Clean Drinking Manor; Courts and Jones family; John Russell Pope, architect.

20-2        May 1977: The Town of Somerset,” by Dorothy O’Brien and Helen H. Jaszi. Founded by five government scientists; Friendship tract; lack of utilities & schools in early days; laws; town plat.

21-3        August 1978: “The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission,” by Arthur P. Brigham, Asa Philips; Emory H. Bagley; William T. Curtis; T. Howard Duckett; Prince George’s County and Washington, DC.

22-2        May 1979: “Early Montgomery County Schoolhouses,” by Donald Meavitt. Public education since 1860; gender segregation; architecture; Mary Charlotte Crook, and interior design; Rockville and Brookeville Academies; Seneca, Editor 1975-1989, Kingsley, Montrose, and Pooles Tract Schools.

22-3        August 1979: The David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center,” by Mary Charlotte Crook. Built to experiment on model ships. Moved to Carderock. Construction of Cabin John Gardens.

23-4        November 1980: Roots for the New Neighborhood of Beau Monde Estates,” by Margaret M. Coleman. Clarksburg; Waters, Linthicum and Dowden families; Pleasant Fields, Poplar Spring, Errors Corrected; Seneca Ayr Farm; Cow Pasture.

24-2        May 1981: Richard Montgomery High School,” by E. Guy Jewel l. Lincoln High school; Negro education; Manual training school 1901; public schools; Governor Warfield; fairgrounds; Rockville Athletic Assoc. Athletics interschool.

24-3        August 1981: Suburban Summer Resorts, 1870-1910, Part I,” by Andrea Price Stevens. B&O Rail Road; C&O Canal; Cabin John Bridge & Hotel; Glen Echo; Rock Spring Hotel; Crommelin House (Great Falls Tavern); Baltzley family; Paw-taw-o-mick (Glen Echo cafe); Conduit Road; casinos.

24-4        November 1981: Suburban Summer Resorts, 1870-1910, Part II,” by Andrea Price Stevens. Albany House (Washington Grove); Methodist Church Bethesda Park; Rock Creek Rail Road; Woodlawn Hotel, Chestnut Lodge; Fleet Staley Boarding House; Tenallytown and Rockville Rail road; Gen. Richard Drumm; the Forest Inn, National Park Seminary; Chevy Chase Inn (Spring Hotel); Chevy Chase Land Co.; Francis Newlands; Chevy Chase Junior College; Chevy Chase Lake.

25-3        August 1982: The Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market,” by Mary Charlotte Crook. Response to Great Depression; Blanche Corwin, Extension Service program agent, led Home Demonstration Clubs, out of which grew the farmer’s market; Woodward & Lothrop; Edythe Turner; Catherine Shaw; Lillian Matson; Marjorie Hedges; Lillian Shillinger; Louise K. Mindeleff; Howard England; Leon Carrier; Thomas Raftery.

26-4        November 1983:”The Turbulent History of Locust Grove,” by John M. Walton, Jr. Samuel Wade Magruder; William Wirt’s memories; “Magruder’s Discovery” Lloyd Magruder; Locust Grove; saw & grist mills; Trolley car line from Tenallytown to Rockville; Cabin John Mall Associates.

27-1        February 1984: Montgomery County’s First Garden Apartments,” by Mark Walston. Elm Avenue, Avondale, Falkland, Blair Park, Spring Garden, Piney Branch and Bradley Terrace Apartments; Hampden Hall; Takoma Park, Bethesda, Silver Spring; population growth; public pressure for apartment housing; FHA projects; Morris & Van Tie! Bien; Dr. William Bashore; William D. Blair; Morris Miller; Riley Evers.

29-2        May 1986: Hyattstown, A Roadside Town Preserved,” by Mary Charlotte Crook. Jesse Hyatt developed town, incorporated in 1809. Description of churches, economy, doctors and recreation.

29-3        August 1986: “The Glen Echo Amusement Park,” by Mary Charlotte Crook. The Baltzley twins Purchased land for a national Chautauqua which opened in Summer 1891 for one season, then became park. Featured carousel, roller coaster, Crystal Pool and Spanish Ballroom.

30-1        February 1987: The National Institutes of Health—A Bethesda Landmark Celebrates Its Centennial,” by Dorothy Pugh. Formation from Marine Hospital Service to N IH; land from Luke Ingalls Wilson, George Freeland Peter, Sisters of the Visitation,Town & Country Golf Club; Nobel Prize Winners: Drs. Marshall Nirenberg, Carelton Gajdusek, Julius Axelrod; National Library of Medicine history.

33-1        February 1990: The Potomac Hunt,” by Valentin e C. Wilson. Fox hunting; De La Brooke; Dunblane Hunt; Chevy Chase Hunt, Chevy Chase Club, Senator Newlands; Bradley Farms; Clarence Moore; Samuel Henry; Nicholas Longworth; Titanic accident; Rock Creek Park.

33-3        August 1990: The Tale of Triadelphia, the Town Beneath the Lake,” by Mary Charlotte Crook. Patuxent River; Bentley, Briggs, Moore, Brooke families; National Road; Tract: What’s Left; Triadelphia Cotton Factory; Montgomery Company; Thomas Lansdale’s factory & family; map of Triadelphia; blacksmiths; Johnstown Flood; Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission; Triadelphia Cemetery.

34-3        August 1991: Bethesda Park: ‘The Handsomest Park in the United States,’” by William G. Altman. Metropolitan Branch, B&O Railroad, amusement park; bicycle races.

35-1        February 1992: Black Builders in Montgomery County 1865-1940, “by Eileen McGuckian. African American Communities: Big Woods, Dickerson, Mt. Ephraim at Sugarloaf Mountain, Sandy Spring, and Haiti in Rockville. Alfred Ross house, Martin’s Lane; Beall slaves; Reuben Hill house; Kleindienst Hotel; Jerusalem Church; A.M.E. Churches; Scotland A.M.E. Church; John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church; Clarksburg; Sharp Street School.

35-3        August 1992: Montgomery College in its Formative Years 1947-1979,” by William C. Strasser, Jr. Montgomery County Board of Education; Veterans benefits; Dr. Bernice F. Pierson; AAUW; Coach Frank Rubini; Bliss Electrical School; U. S. Navy contract to train electrician’s mates in 1951; Irvin H. Schick; Hugh Price; Donald E. Deyo; Carver High School-Junior College in 1952; U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1954; Montgomery Symphony Orchestra begun in 1947; Light Opera Assocation; George A. Hodson; William C. Strasser, Jr.

37-1        February 1994: “Train Stations and Suburban Development along the Old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,” by Jo Beck. B&O Railroad, Metropolitan Branch; Point of Rocks; opened up land development; 26 stations from Garrett Park; now run by CSX; Harry Meems, Station master at Dickerson; soldiers at Monocacy River in WWII; train accident Dickerson; Washington Grove 1872 Methodist Camp meeting; Germantown Station; Bowman’s Brothers flour mill; Silver Leaf Flour; Rockville Station; Peerless Rockville; Silver Spring summer home of Francis Preston Blair; Sam Eig, first shopping centers in 1940s.

40-2        May 1997: The Selling of Woodside Park,” by Robert E. Oshel. Crosby S. Noyes; Alton Farm; automobile influence on suburban development; advertising and promotion; prominent architects.

42-4        November 1999: Life in Montgomery County at the Turn of the Last Century,” by Eleanor M.V. Cook. Cedar Grove; Sears & Roebuck Catalogues; appliances; fashions; salaries; Sentinel Newspapers; automobiles; medicines, illness; Baseball; holidays; crimes; clubs; United Daughters of the Confederacy.

43-2        May 2000: The Resurrection of ‘Scotland,” by Harvey A. Levine. The struggle to preserve a black community as it is surrounded by suburban development.

43-3        August 2000: History of the Capital Beltway in Montgomery County,” by Jeremy L. Korr. How the Beltway came to be built, the reasons for it, and the alternatives considered.

44-3        August 2001: The Atomic Energy Commission and its Site at Germantown,” by Marie Hallion and Clarence Hickey. Manhattan Project; Cold War; World War II; Soviet Union; William A. Dosh; Charles T. Johnson; Shadow Lawn Farm; Architects; Voorhees, Walker. Smith, and Smith; Dwight D. Eisenhower; John F. Kennedy; Glenn T. Seaborg; James R. Schlesinger; Dixy Lee Ray; wildlife, bird species; Seaborg Trail.

44-4        November 2001: Early Days at the Chevy Chase Club,” by Joan F. Marsh. S. S. Howland; Dumblane Hall Farm; Fox Hunting; Gustav Stickley; Metropolitan Club of Washington; Francis G. New lands; Country Clubs: national history; Harvey Page, Architect; Goldsborough Place; “Belmont;” Chevy Chase Village; Bradley Farm; Col. Joseph Belt; Ballad of Chevy Chase; Bradley family; Clarence Moore; Rock Creek Farms; the Titanic; Don Caffery Glassie; Dwight E. Davis; Golf Clubs; Washington Golf Club.

45-2        May 2002: Old Georgetown Road: A Historical Perspective,” by Jonathan V. Levin. Piscataway Indians; Tobacco exports; Rolling Road; Ninian Beall; tract: Rock of Dumbarton; explorers; Baron Christoph DeGraffenried; land speculators; George Washington; Monocacy River; French and Indian War; Bladensburg Road; origins of District of Columbia; Georgetown-Frederick Road; mail stage; turnpike road incorporation; Georgetown Harbor; C&O Canal; Civil War; B&O Railroad; trolley line; Georgetown & Tennallytown Railway Co.; Alta Vista terminal; Bethesda Park; Wisconsin Avenue; Rockville Pike; National Institutes of Health.

46-2        May 2003: The Bethesda USO,” by William M. Offutt. WWII women’s work for the war effort: sugar rationing, collecting scrap metal, visiting the wounded at Naval Medical Center and Suburban Hospital, and creating recreational facilities for service men and women. Albert Brault, Montgomery County Civil Defense Director, submitted application for regional chapter to United Service Organization. They oversaw dances, games, and holiday meals for servicemen.

46-3        August 2003: Fire Protection in Montgomery County: Bucket Brigade to High Tech,” by Shannon Fleischer. Montgomery Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; Railroad crash 1 935; Rockville, Gaithersburg-Washington Grove, Takoma Park, Kensington, Silver Spring VFDs; Fund raising; Ladies Auxiliary Clubs; women firefighters; Angelo J. Bargangni; training; lotteries.

46-4        November 2003:A Short History of County Country Clubs,” by William M. Offutt. Originally gentleman’s clubs, resorts for wealthy, featured yachting, tennis, golf, horseback riding and hunting; growth of golf changed country club world Chevy Chase Club; Columbia Country Club; Bethesda Country Club became Congressional Country Club; Burning Tree Club; and others.

47-3        August 2004: “Montgomery County, 1944,” by Joanna B. Church. Lilly C. Stone, founder of Montgomery County Historical Society; Waters House at Pleasant Fields; WWII rationing, victory gardening; Women’s changing roles in military service; Bethesda Naval Hospital; Glen Echo Park.

48- 2       May 2005: “The Canada Dry Bottling Plant in Silver Spring,” by Robin D. Ziek. Walter Monroe Cory; industrial zone along East-West Highway; B&O Railroad.

48-4        November 2005: A Farm, A Neighborhood, and a Cemetery: The Story of the Higgins Family and Spring Lake Park,” by Eleanor Cunningham, Carol R. Du Vall and Eileen S. McGuckian. Metropolitan Branch of B & O Railroad; farm subdivision; commuting from Randolph, Halpine, Rockville and Derwood; West End Park; Lincoln Park; Great Depression and WPA jobs; WWII veterans; Congressional and Twinbrook Shopping Centers.

49-3        August 2006: “Religious Diversity on the Road to Damascus,” by Patricia Abelard Andersen. New Hampshire Avenue; Rock Creek Parish, Anglican church was the established church; Catholic Church; Vietnamese; Cambodian Buddhist Temple; Ukrainian Churches; Hindu Temple; Jewish Synagogues; Orthodox Churches; Methodist Churches; Baptist Churches; Lutheran Churches; Seventh Day Adventist Churches; Immanuel’s Church & Prayer Stop; Muslim Community Center.

50-1        Winter 2007: Montgomery County Story In Our 50th Year of Publication,” Topical Summaries and Index, 1957-2006. A brief summary of the main topics of each issue, with author’s name and topical indices for those doing research on Montgomery County history and the county’s residents. A short history of The Montgomery County Story is included.

50-3        August 2007: Growing Up in the Town of Somerset, Montgomery County during World War II,” by John Gibson. Describes the town and Gibson’s everyday life as a young teenage: air raid drills, rations stamps, victory gardens.

50-4        November 2007: Walter Rupert Tuckerman, Father of Bethesda,” by William Offutt. Provides a biography of Tuckerman, banker and land developer. Beginning with his Edgemoor subdivision in Bethesda, he went on to create the Bethesda business district.

51-2        May 2008: “The Teacher’s Strike of 1968,” by William Offutt. At issue was whether teachers would be represented by the Montgomery County Educations Assoc. INEA or the American Federation of Teachers Union. Other issues included are class size, salary and working conditions.

52-2        May 2009: Yea Leland!by William Offutt. For a half century Leland Junior High School in Bethesda was a premier middle school widely known for academic and athletic achievement and for scholastic and organizational innovation. This article describes the two buildings and reminisces about the personnel, educational policies, activities and social trends through WW II and the Cold War until its closure in 1985.

53-2        Fall 2010 (double issue): A Political Overview of 1930s Montgomery County,” by Nathaniel Green. An account of Montgomery County’s debate and referendum on the topic of Prohibition in 1933, and the political maneuvering resulting in the formation of the Fusion Party in 1934.

53-2        Fall 2010 (double issue): The Diary of Henrietta E. Clagett, 1924-1924,” transcribed by Julia Gottlieb, additional research by Joanna Church. An interesting look at life in Rockville and the specific experiences of an elderly widow who has left home to live with her daughter.

54-1        Summer 2011 (double issue): The Long and Winding Road: A History of the Intercounty Connector, 1950-2006,” by John Spiers. The first recipient of a fellowship from the Mary Kay Harper Center for Suburban Studies, John Spiers presents the complex and convoluted history of the ICC from the original proposal by the National Capital Park and Planning Commission to the final approval which led to construction of the highway.

54-2        Winter 2011 (double issue): Automobiles in Early Twentieth Century Montgomery County,” by Patricia Abelard Andersen. A survey of some of the early automobile insurance policies found in the Montgomery Mutual Insurance Collection (Montgomery County Historical Society Library), including information on owners and automobile dealers.