Have you ever wondered what it would’ve been like…

…to receive medical care during the Civil War?

…to be operated on before the germ theory was discovered?

…to know the nearest doctor was four hours away by horse and buggy?

Such was life in Montgomery County 150 years ago. Join Dr. Stonestreet, Rockville’s 19th century country doctor, as he shares these tales and much more.

SPOILER ALERT: Much of what you think you know about how medicine was practiced back in the day is flat-out wrong! You may find that, in many ways, medicine hasn’t changed as much as you think!

The Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine is open by appointment! If you’d like to meet Dr. Stonestreet and visit the museum, you can schedule your appointment by contacting Stonestreet@MontgomeryHistory.org. Please allow 48 for scheduling.

Originally opened June 12, 2015; Reinterpretation opened October 26, 2019
Curated by Elizabeth Lay and Clarence Hickey