Newspaper Reporting on the Lynching of George Peck, 1880


Provided at the links below are the original newspaper articles cited in the narrative. Please be aware that the language used and the events described may be upsetting or age-inappropriate for some users. 


Montgomery County Sentinel  Monday, January 12, 1880*

Baltimore Sun  Tuesday, January 13, 1880

Evening Star (Washington, DC)  Tuesday, January 13, 1880

National Republican (Washington, DC)  Tuesday, January 13, 1880

The New York Times  Tuesday, January 13, 1880

Register (Wheeling, WV)  Wednesday, January 14, 1880

Baltimore Sun  Saturday, January 14, 1880 (editorial)

Montgomery County Sentinel  January 16, 1880 (response to the Sun editorial) 

Register (Shepherdstown, WV)  Saturday, January 17, 1880

Montgomery County Sentinel  March 26, 1880 (Report of the Grand Jury)


*Note: the original condition of this article makes it difficult to read in places. There is a transcript available for this article to allow for easier reading.